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(20191022) Global Forum: Culture shock; what to expect and how to overcome it.

This months Global Forum will be held on October 22nd, 2019 from 6:00 PM- 8:00PM. We invite all students to attend as the topic is quite interesting and useful for all; both local and foreign students.

Topic: Culture shock ; What to expect and how to over come it.

Our speakers are both local and foreign students who will share their experiences with you as well as useful tips/ suggestions to help overcome or welcome culture shock.

Interested students can register through the link below.

👉 https://activity.ncku.edu.tw/index.php?c=apply&no=7766

Refreshments will also be provided for you!🧁🧃🥐🥯


Title: Culture shock; what to expect and how to overcome it.

Venue: International Conference hall, Kuang fu campus B1 floor

Time: Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019 18:00-20:00pm

Registration: 17:30 pm- 18:00pm

Host: International Student Association Division


Event description

 With many foreign students arriving in Taiwan, especially those who reside outside of

Asia will experience some form of culture shock. In order to assist students with this problem, this forum will allow other students both local and international students to share their stories, their experiences as well as tips on how to overcome this problem.


For example some students may be tired of using frustrating and confusing public

transportation that doesn’t seem to work well, or they’re exhausted from making themselves understood all the time and just want to speak with someone like them.

Even just standing out, looking foreign, bothers many people abroad. These minor problems balloon into massive problems and thus, makes students feel like an outsider and may even lead to depression.


  1. Foreign student experience sharing vs. Local student experience sharing.
  1. Foreign students who have lived here for sometime can share their expereinces living and studying in Taiwan (2  students from different countries).


  1. Local students who have visited outside countries e.g the USA, Europe, Australia etc or have done exchange programs can share their stories on adapting, learning expereince and how to survive culture shock.( 2 students from Taiwan)
  1. Advice to others to overcome the culture shock.
  1. Each student has to give some advice to the audience on how they overcame culture shock and possibly some tips to share with other students on what they can do to make their new country feel like home.
  1. Invite a local school counsellor ( Kunyi Chen) to discuss his culture shock expereince, give therapeutic advice / suggestions and make students aware that there are services available if their new environment seems too overwhelming.


  1. What is culture shock ?
  2. Expereince sharing (Foreign & local students)
  3. How to overcome culture shock.
  4. Counsellors advice on how to protect your mental health in this situation.
  5. Q & A
  6. Refreshments














  1. 外國學生與本地學生的經驗分享
    1. 來自兩個不同國家的外國學生,分享他們來台居住的生活以及就學的經驗。
    2. 兩位台灣學生分享他們到美國、歐洲與澳洲等交換課程的學習經驗,以及如何適應當地的生活並改善文化衝擊的影響。
  1. 克服文化衝突的建議
    1. 每一位學生對於聽眾給予一些建議以及方式,幫助他們克服文化衝突的問題,以及使他們感覺到新的國家也好像回到自己的家鄉。
  2. 邀請本校心理健康與諮商輔導組陳坤毅心理師,與我們討論文化衝擊所帶來的影響,以及給予一些建議並告訴同學們學校裡的相關資源。


  1. 什麼是文化衝突?
  2. 經驗分享(外國與本國學生)
  3. 如何克服文化衝突?
  4. 輔導員的建議,以及告訴你如何照顧自己。
  5. 問與答
  6. 茶點



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