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GCC-Think Tank for United International Students Alliance (UISA)

Brief introduction of UISA

What is UISA?

United International Students Alliance (UISA) is the community of all international students of NCKU, created in 2014 by NCKU international students to seek to address their interests, needs and opinions in order to promote a more friendly and favorable NCKU community. Its governing body is referred to as International Student Representatives (ISR).

The International Student Representatives (ISR) comprises of a five man council and various committees. They strive to improve the involvement of international students in NCKU, develop a strong voice for international students; be a bridge for cross cultural interaction and to promote a favorable and friendly environment for NCKU international students.

The ISR represents the international students and promotes their interests and needs in any official gathering that concerns the international student including the NCKU general assembly meetings.

The ISR collaborates with different administrative quarters of NCKU in promoting and providing better services to serve the NCKU international students.


UISA Mission Statement:

To create positive ripples in the society while seeking fair representation of international students in NCKU and Taiwan.


UISA Mission:

We aspire to:

  • Have a strong collaboration with universities within Taiwan and beyond.
  • Create a favorable and friendly environment for NCKU international students.
  • Address and promote the issues and needs that concerns international students in the NCKU general assembly meetings.
  • Achieve a perfect integration of international students with the local students and Taiwan in general.
  • Promote international cultural heritage in NCKU and Taiwan.
  • Contribute to NCKU reaching the frontline of the academic world.




UISA Core Values:

  • Embracing and respecting each other culture, idea and expression.
  • Fostering a community of unity and love.
  • Speaking and standing up for what is right regardless of the odds.
  • Respecting the local culture, laws and norms as the fundamental means of UISA’s existence.
  • Seeking growth and development with partners within and beyond the university.


Our Vision:

UISA’s vision is that by 2020:

  • Every international student will be proud to be NCKU student/Alumni.
  • UISA will be a perfect representation of Unity in diversity.
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