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Global Forum March 6th-Discovering Myanmar



2018 全球移動力論壇-新南向計畫系列講座【緬甸篇】


隨著全球化趨勢各國積極孵育國際化人才,政府從2016年開始推動新南向計畫,新南向18國包括印尼菲律賓. 泰國馬來西亞新加坡汶萊越南緬甸柬埔寨寮國 印度巴基斯坦孟加拉尼泊爾斯里蘭卡不丹澳大利亞紐西蘭等國家對世界之影響實不容輕忽。而成大校內外國學生及僑陸生現今已達人數近2000人,每年至成功大學就讀或交換之國際生逐年增長,台灣學生對世界探索的渴望與機會的比例也大幅成長。此次論壇即是透過校園深耕東南亞領域的專家與聽者相互經驗交流,雙向創造出文化、語言、經驗、思想上的學習饗宴。




時間:2018.03.06() 晚上6-830





國立成功大學政治經濟學研究所緬甸籍學生安凱亞(Mr. Kyawhtet Aung) 

2018 Global Forum Theme: Discovering Myanmar

The new Southbound Policy was established by Taiwan Government since 2018, the eighteen countries include Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Australia and New Zealand. The number of overseas students increases yearly, as exchange students and international students successfully enrolled in NCKU reached 2,000 people up to 2018. The percentage of local students' desire to explore the world has also risen tremendously.

Global Forum –Discovering Myanmar invites experts of Southeast Asia studies to take us discover Myanmar through their various scopes and help students to develop cross-cultural engagement and communications as well as provides an opportunity to see the insight of this unique region.


Main Speakers:

(1)Professor Kung, Shiann-Far/Department of Urban planning, National Cheng Kung University

(2)Professor Soong Jenn-Jaw/ Distinguished Professor of Political Economy at the National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan. The director of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies

(3)Mr. Kyawhtet Aung/ The Graduate Institute of Political Economy


Date: March/6th, 2018

Language: English & Chinese

Location: International Conference Hall Lecture Room II, Kuang Fu Campus

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