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[Forum Invitation]Inviting to join 2018 Global Forum -Making The Difference with Loving & Sharing

Inviting to join 2018 Global Forum -Making The Difference with Loving & Sharing (2018 全球移動力論壇-在臺國際義工篇-用愛改變)

At this very moment of ever-changing society that forges the development of science and technology. The global relations between the global communities are becoming inseparable as the national boundaries are vanishing. Global culture affects our lifestyle daily as the information explosion rapidly increases the amount of published information which resulting more difficulties in identifying truth from the social medias, various newspapers, magazines, and online editorials. International volunteer service is one opportunity to put oneself in unknown to reflect and face differences in a real life situation. The forum especially, invites international volunteers from multi-background in Taiwan to share their valuable international service experiences, encourages the audiences to leave comfort zone step by step to develop self-confidence through the unique service journey.



(1) Iveth Gutiérrez López (International Volunteer in Taiwan from ICYE)

(2)Peggy Wang as Buddy Buddy Program Leader in NCKU.

(3) Nataly Martinez as the international volunteer in NCKU.

Date:2018.04.10 (Tuesday) 18:00-20:30 Location: International Conference Hall 2nd Lecture Room, Kuang Fu Campus

More information and Registration Website: https://activity.ncku.edu.tw/index.php?c=apply&no=3346

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