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1. Where I can apply for the official transcript or study certificate?

There is a machine in front of the registration office, you can select what kind of document you need to apply and put the coin or bill into the machine.

2. How can I apply for the suspension?

Download the application form for suspension at the website of the Registrar Division and read school departure information.

3. How long is the timeframe (maximum period) of the suspension?

The maximum for suspension is 2 years (4 semesters)

4. For bachelor students, how to meet the school withdrawal based on the academic performance?

Foreign students (bachelors) shall be dismissed from the university if the credits failed in the semester reaches 2/3 of the taken credits, and the credits that failed in another semester reach 1/2 of the taken credits.

5. How can I ask for an absence from school?

An application for a leave of absence leave shall be made in advance. In a special case, a belated application shall be completed within three days of a student returning from their leave of absence. Certification is required for the following situations:

You have to inform your department office or the professor of the following situation (1) Official leave (2) Any leave of two consecutive days or longer (3) Going abroad.

The application form can be downloaded from the school website: at http://assistance.osa.ncku.edu.tw/p/412-1051-17068.php?Lang=en

6. Can the scholarship holder apply for the exchange student program?

The Taiwan scholarship holder can’t apply for the exchange student program. NCKU scholarship holder can apply it, but the scholarship will not be issued when the student study abroad for the exchange program.

7. When should I apply for financial support from school if I want to attend an international conference or forum overseas?

Before 2 months when the conference starts, you should submit the application form to the OIA office. The detail can be referred to the school website http://iisd.oia.ncku.edu.tw/p/412-1068-15447.php?Lang=en

Student Affair

1. If I (degree student) go abroad during the winter/summer vacation, will I need to bring the ARC with me?

If you are a degree student and go abroad during the study, you must bring the ARC with you all the time. ARC is your ID in Taiwan, it is very important for you. Besides, it is a multi-entry certificate, you can hold it into Taiwan several times before the ARC expires. However, if you lost it or forget to bring it with you when going abroad, you will need to reapply for the visa to enter Taiwan.

2. If I lost the wallet or something on the campus, what should I do?

If your credit card or any personal ID is in the wallet, firstly calling to the bank to stop any credit cards. Then, you can go to Military Training Division 軍訓室  for inquiring that if anyone picks up your stuff and send it to the office. If you still can’t find it, please go to the police office to get a report, then reapply for the ARC or other ID cards.

3. If your parents or friends would like to come to Taiwan for a visit, how can they apply for their visa?

The main documents must be inquired from Taiwan Embassy/consulate in your country. Besides, the school will not issue an invitation letter to your family or friends because we are not the ones to invite them. You have to write the letter and traveling plan on your own. There are some examples online for reference.

4. If I have any questions regarding the school dorm, what can I do?

The Dorm Manager or Dorm counselor can be the helper in every dorm.

5. Can I cook in the school dorm?

Cooking is not allowed in the campus dorms except Sheng-li 4 and Sheng-li 6. How can I extend my ARC? When should I extend the ARC?

Before a week of your ARC expire you should apply for an extension at the immigration agency and you should prepare the following document (1) enrollment certificate (2) two 2 inch photos (3) original and copy of your passport (4) NTD 1000 (5) application form (can be gathered at the immigration agency or download from the website:


8. What kind of insurance I will have in Taiwan? Whats covered?

Reference: http://isad.oia.ncku.edu.tw/p/412-1066-21581.php?Lang=en

(1) Student Group Insurance (SGI): an insured student is entitled to personal insurance coverage for the costs arising from hospitalization, physical disability, or death as a result of a disease or accident.

(2) International Student Medical Insurance(ISMI): covered the outpatient medical fee before the student is not qualified for applying NHI. The amount exceeding the maximum coverage is NTD 1000 per day.

(3) National Health Insurance (NHI): one-third or two-thirds of the medical fee will be covered by NHI. The co-payment needs to be paid on your own. For more information please see http://www.nhi.gov.tw/

9. Who has the qualification to apply for a part-time job and a working permit?

For international students who wish to work in Taiwan (either on campus or off campus), are required to apply for and obtain a work permit before starting work. Please note that if you hold a job without applying for a work permit, you may be fined NT$30,000~150,000.

Please be serious to deal with this, and follow the school's regulations and application to apply for work permits. Besides, remind you that this work permit is just the permission of the part-time job, not the full-time professional job.

Life information

1. How can I get a bicycle?

To get a free but probably broken bicycle, you can go to the parking lot behind the Kuang-Fu 2 dorm on the designated day. To get a second-hand or a new bicycle, you can go to the bicycle store in the Kuang-Fu, Sheng-Li, or Tzu-Chiang campus.

2. If I feel uncomfortable on the weekend or at night, what can I do?

If the clinics near your home are close, you can go to the emergency room of the hospital nearby directly, such as the NCKU hospital.  There is a 24 HRs emergency medical center.

3. Clinic information

Otorhinolaryngology (Ear-nose-Throat) 耳鼻喉科

診所 Clinic

電話 Contact no.

地址 Address


(06) 2387222

421, Dong Ning Road, Tainan 701.


(06) 2369954


306, Section 2, Chang Rong Road, Tainan 701.


Surgery/Orthopedics&Traumatology/Physical Rehabilitation 外科/骨科&疼痛科/復健科

診所 Clinic

電話 Contact no.

地址 Address


(06) 2080195-6

15, Section 1, Chang Rong Road, Tainan 701.


(06) 2361566

338, Section 3, Lin Sen Road, Tainan 701.


(06) 2905533

305, Section 2, Zhong Hua Road, Tainan 701.


(06) 2386150


1_298, Section 1, Dong Men Road, Tainan 701.



Medicine   內科

診所 Clinic

電話 Contact no.

地址 Address


(06) 2752887

171, Xiao Dong Road, Tainan 701.


(06) 2369954

306, Section 2, Chang Rong Road, Tainan 701.



Dermatology/skin 皮膚科

診所 Clinic

電話 Contact no.

地址 Address


(06) 2342219

129, Section 3, Chang Rong Road, Tainan 701.


(06) 2752887

171, Xiao Dong Road, Tainan 701.


(06) 2369954

306, Secton 2, Chang Rong Road, Tainan 701.



Dental department 牙科

診所 Clinic

電話 Contact no.

地址 Address


(06) 2755221

20, Section 3, Chang Rong Road, Tainan 701.


(06) 2005129

180, Section 1, Chang Rong Road, Tainan 701.



Ophthalmology 眼科

診所 Clinic

電話 Contact no.

地址 Address


(06) 2757789

75, Section 2, Chang Rong Road, Tainan 701.


(06) 2376767

146-1, Dong An Road, Tainan 701.



4. What is the required document for opening a bank account in Taiwan?

A. Required document for opening a post office account

   (1)  ARC or ROC ID number certificate

   (2)  personal stamp

   (3)  NTD 100

B.  Required document for opening a bank account

   (1)  passport

   (2)  ARC or ROC ID number certificate

5.   Where can you find the vegetarian restaurant?

Check this website http://www.happycow.net/asia/taiwan/tainan/


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