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Health Insurance

Student Group Insurance (SGI)

The Student Group Insurance (SGI) is REQUIRED health insurance for all NCKU students. The payment of this insurance fee (NTD 100 to 150) is included as part of the enrollment fees for each semester. Sickness requiring specialized medical care is not included and the final compensation is decided by the insurance company's evaluation of your application.

For more information, please refer to the instructions available from the NCKU Student Assistance Division


International Student Medical Insurance (ISMI)

Requirements & Eligibility:
The Office of International Affairs (OIA) highly recommends coverage by the International Student Medical Insurance (ISMI). The OIA will apply for this insurance for you, after you finish enrolling in courses, provide us with your personal information, and pay your enrollment fees.

This insurance costs NTD 500 per month, NTD 3,000 (for fall semester) or NTD 3,500 (for spring semester and summer break) per semester.

Reimbursement process:
Students without National Health Insurance (NHI) eligibility can apply for compensation based on the ISMI policy, after receiving medical treatment.

  1. Pay the medical and treatment fee by yourself first. The ISMI reimbursement procedures are different from the NHI. While the NHI discounts are directly deducted from your medical payment, under ISMI, students need to pay first and are compensated later.
  2. Request a certificate of diagnosis and a receipt(s) from the clinic or hospital.
  3. Come to the ISAD office to obtain the insurance reimbursement application form.
  4. Bring the reimbursement application form, certificate of diagnosis, receipt(s), a photocopy of your ARC card, passbook (bankbook), and student ID card to the ISAD office.

NOTE: We will send the documents to the insurance company and the compensation will be remitted to your bank account within one month. The reimbursement amount is decided by the insurance company's evaluation of your application. The insurance company covers only one visit per day for a situation involving the same symptoms. The maximum coverage per visit is NTD 1,000. 

National Health Insurance (NHI)

The National Health Insurance Act stipulates that foreigners who are legal residents in Taiwan (including those from Hong Kong and Macau) 
MUST join the NHI program, either though school (starting the day the student enrolls) or though an employer (starting the day of employment).

To be eligible for the NHI program, an applicant 
MUST have lived in Taiwan for 6 CONTINUOUS MONTHS starting from the issued date of your ARC. One trip abroad not exceeding 30 days is allowed during this period.

Students who are eligible for the NHI program must pay NTD 4,494 for a 6-month coverage at the beginning of each semester. This payment will be included in the enrollment fee. Fall semesters run from September to February each year, while spring semesters run from March to August.

Transferring your health insurance coverage to ISAD:
Here are a few possible situations that you might encounter while transferring 
your coverage of insurance to ISAD:

  • Freshmen who have not yet stayed in Taiwan for 6 months, are obligated to take out an International Student Medical Insurance (ISMI) policy. After 6 months (starting from the issue date of your ARC), your insurance must be transferred into the NHI program.

  • Freshmen who have already stayed in Taiwan for more than 6 months, please submit your NHI application, a photocopy of your ARC card, and one 2-inch photo to the ISAD office. 

  • If you have already taken out insurance with another agency (e.g., language center, company, university), and you would like to purchase the insurance via ISAD, please withdraw from the insurance coverage from the previous agency using the "Application for withdrawal (transfer) from the National Health Insurance" form. ISAD will re-register your insurance health using your transfer application.

  • If you have already taken out insurance with another agency, and you do not want to re-register your insurance with NCKU, please notify the ISAD office of your decision. ISAD will deduct the mandatory health insurance fee from your miscellaneous fees each semester.      

Withdraw your coverage of insurance from ISAD:

  • Students who have been suspended, or dismissed, have graduated from NCKU, or have graduated from NCKU and will continue their studies at another university in Taiwan, please notify the ISAD office to cancel your insurance.
  • If you are required to register your insurance with the company you work part-time at, please ask your company to contact the ISAD office regarding your insurance. Once you leave the company, you need to notify the ISAD office that you will transfer the coverage of your insurance to ISAD.
  • If your spouse and offspring need to have NHI coverage, you will need to enroll them at the NHI office in person.

Renew or apply for a new NHI card:
For situation such as lost, or damage NHI cards, or information modifications to your NHI policy, please apply for a new card or modify your information at the local NHI Office.

National Health Insurance Administration Southern Division, Ministry of Health and Welfare

Website: https://www.nhi.gov.tw/English/

Address: No. 96, Gongyuan Rd., Jhongsi District, Tainan City (70006)

Service Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday


Tel: (06) 224-5678

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