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【IMPORTANT】About applying and renewal NCKU Distinguished Scholarship (2021 Fall)

There are two things regarding the NCKU Distinguished International Student Scholarship announced below. 

1. Scholarship Application: For Fall-semester recipients whose scholarship will end in August 2021.

2. Scholarship Renewal Confirmation: For Spring-semester recipients under one-year scholarship duration.



1. 獎學金申請:針對獎學金即將於20218月截止之秋季班受獎生

2. 獎學金續領確認:針對仍在一年獎學金核發期限之春季班受獎生


1.     Scholarship Application (Fall admitted students)

The NCKU Distinguished International Student Scholarship for Fall-semester recipients will end in August 2021. 

According to the scholarship regulation, Fall-semester students can apply for the NCKU Distinguished International Student Scholarship around August. If you were a student who was first admitted for Fall semester, you may be eligible to reapply for the upcoming academic year. Please follow the procedure as given in the Regulation of NCKU Distinguished International Student Scholarship. The regulations and the application form are attached to the letter.


秋季班受獎生之國立成功大學優秀國際學生獎助學金即將於20218月結束。 根據該獎學金要點,學生可以於20218月申請下一年度獎學金。如果你是秋季班入學生即有資格申請下一年度獎學金。請遵守該獎學金要點指示以予申請。獎學金要點與相關表格請參考附件。


The timetable for application is as below, but the exact schedule will follow each department’s announcement. 




Aug.23 - Sep. 6, 2021

Applicants have to fill out the form online and upload the required documents online.


Sep. 7- Sep. 15, 2021

The Department committee reviews & evaluates the application. After the final evaluation from the college committee, the application will be sent to the ISAD.


Sep. 16 - Sep. 30, 2021

ISAD and the school will do the final check and propose the budget’s approval.




1. 即日起- 96日:申請者需至https://forms.gle/nvUkuJKyQN738RQk8填寫資料。

2. 202197- 915日:系所審查 & 送院彙整,各院將審核總表送至 ISAD

4. 2021916- 930日:ISAD與學校會做最後審核確認並向學校提出該預算審核。


During the application and evaluation process, you will need to take care of your own living expenses prior to receiving the scholarship in late October. Please note the exact remittance time will depend on the school’s administrative process.




2.     Scholarship Renewal Confirmation (Spring admitted students)

According to NCKU scholarship regulation, Item 11 (1), it is stated that “Approved recipients are required to be officially enrolled and have done the ARC verification to receive the granted scholarship every semester”. For the students who have been under the granted period of the scholarship, please go online https://forms.gle/uCmVsKgRA7WWehVPA to complete the info & upload the required documents before Sep.10, 2021. If you don’t complete it on time, the scholarship from September will be affected. Please be mindful of this. (*Please login with your Google account to upload the document.)


根據該獎學金要點第十一條第一項,已明述:受獎生需於每學期完成註冊,並查驗居留證後,始得領取獎助學金。 所以仍在核發當年度獎學金的受獎生,請於2021910前至https://forms.gle/uCmVsKgRA7WWehVPA完成資料填寫與上傳相關文件。若未於期限內完成者,其9月份獎學金將會受到影響。(請務必以google帳號登入上傳資料)


If any questions, please do not hesitate to email us or inquire with your department.



 Contact person: Ms. Maxine Yang

Email: scholarship@emial.ncku.edu.tw

Tel: +886-6-2757575 ext. 50991

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