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Global Competence Center (GCC)

Global Competence Center (GCC), supervised by International Student Affairs Division(ISAD), Office of International Affairs, executes several programs to bring University Social Responsibility (USR) concepts to UG and PG students. The target programs are listed as follows:

1. GCC-Global Forum 全球移動力論壇

Global Forum: This is a student-centered forum held every month. The organizer is formed by NCKU undergraduate students under the supervision of ISAD. Diverse perspectives are aroused during the interactions among the participants.

2. GCC-Service Learning 服務學習小組

Service learning courses: This non-credit course opens for all UG/PG students every semester. The main purpose is to increase the interaction between local people and international students, and motivate students to engage themselves in variety activities, such as culture sharing with local students, holding charity activities for minority groups, etc.

3. GCC-Language exchange 語言交換

4. GCC-In-campus Volunteer (Buddy-Buddy program) 接待義工團

5. GCC-International Volunteer 海外實習體驗小組

                       海外實習Global Internship Program

海外實習報名表單Intern Abroad : https://putt.typeform.com/to/i2VfPd

實習平台Internship platform: https://opportunities.aiesec.org/programmes

Facebook link : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001370060941&fref=ts

海外成長Outgoing Global Citizen

海外成長報名表單Global volunteerAbroad : http://aiesec.org.tw/gcdp-apply-process/

Global volunteer booklet: https://goo.gl/QoSfwQ  (新的booklet即將公佈,更多專案請洽負責人)

Facebook link : https://www.facebook.com/kevin.lin.77736

6. GCC-Student-Centered International Forum 國際論壇

7. GCC-Hostfamily  接待家庭

8. GCC-Overseas Volunteer and Practice 海外志工體驗小組

9. GCC-Think tank for UISA UISA智庫

           10. GCC-Consultant for Global Competence Resume 全球競合力履歷諮詢