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Global Competence Advancement Center (GCAC)



The Global Competence Advancement Center (GCAC) is a base for enhancing the global competence of the school's faculty members, staffs, and students, conducting immersive learning in the real world, and providing a platform for co-learning, empowerment, and interaction.


With the NCKU Future Venue as the base location, GCAC creates a bilingual campus learning field, through professional workshops, themed forums, reception volunteer training, mentor lectures, career counselling, study abroad fairs, exotic food exhibitions, and industry experience sharing. These different types of activities help cultivate future talents with cross-language and cross-cultural communication skills, and professional knowledge and understanding of international issues. These students can then cooperate with talents from different cultural and language backgrounds and have enhanced practical abilities relevant to the global community.

Core Elements: Language, Knowledge, Understanding, Attitude & Values

Official Website: https://oiagcac.ncku.edu.tw/index.php?lang=en